The Company

Trafimet has been in the welding market for over 40 years, in this time it has been known throughout the world for the reliability of its products. The company is focused on quality, innovation, service and staff development.


At the heart of all productive activities, research and development, the Italian head office manages, coordinates and controls its markets through a network of subsidiaries and selected partners worldwide.
The penetration and coverage in strategic markets which are particularly sensitive, are provided by this network developed at a global level.

Business Units

Trafimet Distribution specialises in supporting the worldwide professional distribution market.
OEM: this is the historical roots of the company and it is still supplying a range of customised and standard products along with full technical support.
Trafimet PRO: his is the newest division created to meet the demands of the next generation of technological products within the cutting and welding industry.


With its area of 22.000 m2, the Italian head office of Trafimet today includes all operating divisions of manufacturing and distribution of its products from research and development, technical laboratory, production to final assembly and storage of a wide range of assembly and storage of a wide range of products ready for delivery to the most diverse destinations in the world.


Enhancing performance and refining the versatility of the products are the main objectives of the department of Research and Development. One area that continues to set important milestones in the industry, helping to enhance the reputation of the company among the global players.

Running to the future

Thanks to the extraordinary results, Trafimet looks to the future with optimism and ambition, engaging in the study of new technologies and in advanced fields of application.
With a heart entirely Italian, always forward looking and attentive to world markets; a valuable asset for a company that is expressed through the efforts of many genuine and passionate people.

Why choose Trafimet?

Whether it’s the finished product, accessory or spare part, to the final consumer or to manufacturers of welding machines, in Trafimet each production area is delegated to each stage of the production process.
Only in this way each item ready for distribution can boast about the development, production, quality control
strictly made-in-Italy.

  • Logistic Center

    Logistics and Customer Care are working together to provide answers quickly and efficiently.
    Trafimet Distribution relies on a warehouse of significant dimensions, fully computerised, allowing timely response to customer requests, with products readily available in different variants.

  • Customer Care

    Customer Care is skillfully structured to increase customer satisfaction and address the needs of different customers and sales channels. Split, between Italian and international areas, combines the local presence of its Agents, Area Manager and Sales Assistants in a close and continuous relationship with the Engineering Department, creating a winning synergy able to satisfy our customers.

  • Quality Control

    A company devoted to the improvement and innovation that is confirmed even in the mechanisms of quality control. Trafimet prepares a highly scientific method to monitor and refine its mechanisms, allowing the office in charge of monitoring to act promptly and effectively where necessary.
    A winning methodology for timing and oustanding final results.

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